Yoko Ono: Golden Ladders
Beijing, 2015
Faurschou Foundation
Golden Ladders, Yoko Ono's first solo exhibition in Beijing, showed a variety of works from the artist's extensive career, including important pieces from her early Fluxus and Conceptual work. Ideas, rather than materials, make up the core of Yoko Ono’s art. Based on verbal or written instructions for actions that are utopian, ephemeral and performable, Yoko Ono presented viewers with works which became a shared mental or physical experience.
Yoko Ono: Golden Ladders
ISBN 978-87-91706-12-7

Curated by Jens Faurschou, Jon Hendricks and Emma Zhang
Organised by Faurschou Foundation and Studio One

Graphic Design by Ironflag / Marco Pedrollo
Printed & Bound by Narayana Press, Denmark

All artworks, texts and audio recordings by
Yoko Ono are © 2017 Yoko Ono. All rights reserved.