Yoko Ono: Word Pieces
Beijing, 2016
Faurschou Foundation
With the pop-up concept work Word Pieces, Yoko Ono’s art was spread throughout Beijing. A new word, mostly a verb to motivate thoughts and actions such as “DREAM” and ”IMAGINE”, appeared on billboards, banners and posters every 20 days whilst her Golden Ladders exhibition was running.

The conceptual strategy of employing conventional advertising media as formats for artistic and publicity purposes are seen in the famous peace campaign of The War is Over! If You Want It. It was widely echoed in works by Barbara Kruger, Félix González-Torres and others. The installations offered the public to participate and take part in her honest and utopian, yet forceful, universe and life philosophy.
Yoko Ono: Golden Ladders
ISBN 978-87-91706-12-7

Curated by Jens Faurschou, Jon Hendricks and Emma Zhang
Organised by Faurschou Foundation and Studio One

Graphic Design by Ironflag / Marco Pedrollo
Printed & Bound by Narayana Press, Denmark

All artworks, texts and audio recordings by
Yoko Ono are © 2017 Yoko Ono. All rights reserved.